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WinOLS 2.24 FULL

WinOLS 2.24 FULL
WinOLS is an application, Which is Written Especially to Modify the memory Contents of ECUs. Makes It Easier to search it and Find maps, Which can be named, displayed in Several Ways and be modified. All data and maps are stored in project files. These project files contain all information, which are gathered during the modification of the ECU. Additional Data like customer name, License Plate and Pictures can be added. Modifications of maps can be stored as 'versions' and can be commented. Up to 200 versions of one original file are Possible. All projects are modified Shown in list A, Which can be filtered and Sorted. So it is Easy to Find an already modified project Again. Overview: The display of raw data takes place in 2D graphic or hex / decimal dump. Automatic processor detection to decide between code and data areas. Functions to search for maps and to put them down on the map list makes efficient working a lot easier. A 3D preview window makes it easier to find maps Maps can be shown as 3D/2D chart or as a table. Automatic search of ECU and software numbers. You can select either English or German as the interface language and switch between these. The concept of the integrated checksum correction has been kept up. By using DLL files the algorithms were moved out of the main program and thus are independent of the version used.

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