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Volvo Prosis [01.2015] + Activation

Volvo Prosis [01.2015]  + Activation

Volvo Prosis [01.2015]  + Activation

Volvo Prosis is a product support information system for Volvo special equipment. It contains parts catalog, service and repair information, wiring and hydraulic diagrams, labor times, special tools catalog, etc. Volvo Prosis also provide diagnostic related information such as fault codes description, testing methods and test values.

Articulated haulers
5350, 5350B, 5350B 4x4, 5350B 6x4, 860, 861, A20, A20 6x4, A20C, A25, A25 4x4, A25 6x4, A25B, A25B 4x4, A25C, A25C 4x4, A25D, A25D 4x4, A25E, A25E 4x4, A25F, A30, A30C, A30D, A30E, A30F, A35, A35C, A35D, A35E, A35E FS, A35F, A35F FS, A40, A40D, A40E, A40E FS, A40F, A40F FS, T450D

Asphalt compactors
CR24, CR30, DD100, DD112HF, DD118HA, DD118HF, DD118HFA, DD126HF, DD132HF, DD136HF, DD138HA, DD138HF, DD138HFA, DD146HF, DD14S, DD16, DD22, DD24, DD29, DD30, DD31HF, DD38HF, DD70, DD70HF, DD80, DD85, DD90, DD90HF, DD95, PT125, PT220RH, PT240RH

Backhoe loaders
BL60, BL60B, BL61, BL61 Plus, BL61B, BL70, BL70B, BL71, BL71 Plus, BL71B

Compact excavators
EC13 XR, EC13 XTV, EC14, EC15 XR, EC15 XT, EC15 XTV, EC15B XR, EC15B XT, EC15B XTV, EC15C, EC17C, EC18C, EC20 XT, EC20 XTV, EC20B XT, EC20B XTV, EC20C, EC25, EC27C, EC30, EC35, EC35C, EC45, EC50, EC50 VV, EC55, EC55-2, EC55B, EC55C, EC55-EU, EC60C, EC70, EC70 VV, ECR28, ECR38, ECR48C, ECR58, ECR88, EW50, EW50 VV, EW55, EW55B, EW60C, EW70, EW70 VV

Compact wheel loaders
L20B, L20F, L25B, L25F, L30, L30B, L32, L32B, L35, L35B, L40, L40B, L45, L45B, L45F, L50F, ZL302C, ZL402C, ZL502C
EC130, EC130C, EC135B LC, EC140 LC, EC140 LCM, EC140B LC, EC140B LCM, EC140C L, EC140C LM, EC140D L, EC140D LM, EC150, EC150 LC, EC150C, EC160, EC160B LC, EC160B NLC, EC160C L, EC160C NL, EC160D L, EC160D NL, EC180B LC, EC180C L, EC180D L, EC200, EC200B, EC210, EC210 F, EC210 LC, EC210 LR, EC210 NLC, EC210B F, EC210B FX, EC210B LC, EC210B LR, EC210B NC, EC210B NLC, EC210C L, EC210C LD, EC210C LR,EC210C N, EC210C NL, EC220D L,EC220D LR,EC220D N, EC220D NL, EC230, EC230B,EC235C LD, EC235C N, EC235D NL, EC240, EC240 LC, EC240 LR, EC240 NLC, EC240B FX, EC240B LC, EC240B LR, EC240B NLC, EC240C L, EC240C LD, EC240C LR, EC240C NL, EC250D L, EC250D LR, EC250D NL, EC280, EC290, EC290 LC, EC290 LR, EC290 NLC, EC290B FX, EC290B LC, EC290B LCD, EC290B LR, EC290B NLC, EC290C L, EC290C LD, EC290C LR, EC290C NL, EC300, EC300D L, EC300D LD, EC300D LR, EC300D NL, EC330B LC, EC330C L, EC330C LD, EC340, EC340D L, EC360, EC360 LC, EC360 NLC, EC360B LC, EC360B LR, EC360B NLC, EC360C HR, EC360C L, EC360C LD, EC360C NL, EC380D L, EC380D NL, EC390, EC420, EC450, EC460, EC460, EC460B LC, EC460B LR, EC460C HR, EC460C L, EC460C LD, EC480D L, EC620, EC650, EC700B HR, EC700B LC, EC700C L, EC700C LD, ECR145C L, ECR235C L, ECR235D L, ECR305C L, EW130, EW130C, EW140, EW140B, EW140C, EW140D, EW145B, EW150, EW150C, EW160, EW160B, EW160C, EW160D, EW170, EW170 KR, EW180, EW180B, EW180C, EW180D, EW200, EW200B, EW210C, EW210D, EW230, EW230B, EW230C, FC2121C, FC2421C, FC2924C, FC3329C

Motor graders
G710, G710 VHP, G710B, G716, G720, G720 VHP, G720B, G726 VHP, G726B, G730, G730 VHP, G730B, G736 VHP, G740, G740 VHP, G740B, G746B, G780, G780 VHP, G780B, G930, G930B, G940, G940B, G946, G946B, G960, G960B, G970, G976, G990

PL3005D, PL4608, PL4611

Road wideners
RW100A, RW195D

10 FT Electric WL, 10 FT Wedgelock, 2.5/5B HSE, 3/6 HSE, 8 FT Wedgelock, MB120, MB122, Omni 1000, Omni 1011, Omni 1021, Omni 1A, Omni 318, Omni IIIA, Omni IIIE, Omni V, Ultimat 10, Ultimat 16, Ultimat 20, Ultimat 8, Ultimat 200, VB30, VB50, VB78 ETC, VB78 GTC, VB79 ETC, VB88 ETC, VB88GTC, VB89 ETC, VB-T78 ETC, VB-T78 GTC, VB-V50, VDT120, VDT120 Vario, VDT121, VDT121 Vario, VDT-V78 ETC, VDT-V78 GTC, VDT-V88 GTC, VDT-V89 ETC

Skid steer loaders
MC110, MC110B, MC60, MC60B, MC70, MC70B, MC80, MC80B, MC90, MC90B, MC110C, MC115C, MC125C, MC135C, MC155C, MCT110C, MCT125C, MCT135C, MCT145C

Soil compactors
SD100 C, SD100D, SD105F, SD110, SD110C, SD115D, SD115F, SD116DX, SD116F, SD122, SD130D, SD130DX, SD130F, SD150, SD160DX, SD190DX, SD200DX, SD25D, SD25F, SD45D, SD45F, SD70D, SD70F, SD77DA, SD77DX, SD77F

Tracked pavers
ABG2820, ABG325, ABG5820, ABG6820, ABG7820, ABG7820B, ABG8820, ABG8820B, ABG9820, PF4410, PF6110

Wheel Loaders
4200, 4200B, 4300, 4300B, 4400, 4500, 4600, 4600B, 616B, 6300, 646, EL70, EL70C, L110E, L110F, L110G, L120, L120B, L120C, L120D, L120E, L120F, L120G, L150, L150C, L150C, L150C LB, L150D, L150E, L150F, L150G, L160, L160 CO, L180, L180 CO, L180 HL, L180G, L180G HL, L180C, L180C CO, L180C HL, L180D, L180D HL, L180E, L180E HL, L180F, L180F HL, L220D, L220E, L220F, L220G, L250G, L330C, L330C LL, L330D, L330E, L350F, L50, L50B, L50C, L50C OR, L50D, L50E, L60E, L60E OR, L60F, L60G, L70, L70B, L70C, L70D, L70D OR, L70E, L70E OR, L70F, L70G, L90, L90 CO, L90B, L90C, L90C OR, L90D, L90D OR, L90E, L90E OR, L90F, L90G

Wheeled pavers
ABG3870, ABG4361, ABG4371, ABG5770, ABG5870, ABG6870, AGS 7.5, P4370B, PF161, PF2181, PF3172, PF3200, PF6160, PF6

EC170D L
AWB15 (56055)
AWB20 (56010)
AWB20 (56011)
AWB20 (56012)
AWB20 (56013)
AWB25 (56009)
AWB31 (56005)
AWB40B (56000)
AWB40B (56049)
AWB40B (56052)

- O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
- CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
- RAM: 256 MB of system memory

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