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Detroit Diesel Reprograming System 7.11

Detroit Diesel Reprograming System 7.11

Detroit Diesel Reprograming System 7.11+ keygen

The CD contains Detroit Diesel Reprogramming System 7.07 for performing all diagnostics and programming operations for all 2007 and 2011 model year engines. Special Note: If you load DDRS 7.07 you CANNOT DDDL 7.07 on the same machine. This CD also contains the latest version of DRS software version 6.46 which will continue to perform all programming operations for DDEC II, III, IV, and V equipped engines as well as MBE modules (VCU software level 11.xx and higher, PLD software level 53 and higher). For performing diagnostics on all pre-2007 engines you should use the latest version of Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 6.46.
You may now use the Nexiq USB translator to program all pre-2007 DDEC and MBE controllers supported by DRS 6.20. Note that to program PLD modules with the USB Link, you must use the adapter included with the MRS hardware update kit for 2007 or the new MRS 2007 complete reprogramming station.
The DDRS 7.07 installation will also install the Detroit Diesel Electronic Tools Suite utility. This program may be run to identify software applications used with the engine you are connected to.
It is extremely important before moving on to the main menus of either DDRS 7.03 or DRS 6.14, that you completely familiarize yourself with the information contained in the readme files. This files contains detailed information on the following topics:
DRS 6.14
* Installing DRS 6.14
* Listing new DRS 6.14 features including use of the USB Link translator box
* Known issues at the time of release
DDRS 7.03
* Introducing DDRS 7.03 basic features
* System requirements
* Translator box / cable requirements
* Installing DDRS 7.03
* Updating DDRS 7.03
* Registration / Support
* Known Issues
The links below will take you to the main menus of the DDRS 7.03 and DRS 6.14 applications. It is recommended that you perform the 6.14 installation first.


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