Airbag Universal Repair

Airbag Universal Repair

Airbag Universal Repair v2.0

   Airbag UVR

 Is a professional software for removing crash data and airbag resetting for many car's SRS
different made/models. Easy method to remove crash data for many cars airbag modules, all you
 need is to read the bin file which stored on the memory device (EEPROM or MCU) of the SRS module
 by a serial programmer, (UPA-USB prog, X-Prog, … etc.) then open up Airbag UVR software, select
 the correct car made/model and the correct SRS module ID, then open up the saved bin file which
has the crash data, Click Repair Button, then Save the new clean bin file to be written back to
the memory device by the serial programmer, job done.
 The software Airbag UVR  is compatible with read file with programmer such as UPA-USB, VP590/990
Galep and many other (not supplied with the software). Once loaded the read file of the ECU airbag
in crash, the software will take care of the repair the file. Following it will be returned one that
 is worked perfectly, restored the original value of the ECU in crash, once again making it usable.
The software included:
44 Brand
1987 Compatible System
19 Security Sequence Code for VAG group
670 Mask of Identification
 Airbag UVR has a information box that help the operator to identify the memory to read; also, the button
 Mask identify a memory catalogued in accordance to standard Bosch and Motorola.


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