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MB ECU Renew

MB ECU Renew

The MB ECU RENEW Software is cover most of the
 MB ECU especially the latest ME9.7 ECU.

A program that allows you to dump control units "clean" (Virgin)

Supported ECU:

ME2.8 (EEPROM-5p08)
ME2.7 (EEPROM-5p08)
ME2.0 (MCU HC11E9)
MR1 (MCU HC11E9)
SIM4LE A111 (FLASH 29F400)
SIM4LE A000 (FLASH-29F400)
SIM4LKE A271 (FLASH-29F800)
A613 CDI (EEPROM-5P80)
A646 CDI (EEPROM-5P160)
A646 CDI (EEPROM-5P320)
A000 CDI (EEPROM-5P320)
A646 CDI (EEPROM-5P80 )
A612 CDI (EEPROM-5P80)
A022 CDI (EEPROM-5P80)
A024 CDI (EEPROM-5P80)
A628 CDI (EEPROM-5P80)
A628 CDI (CAT-25C080)
ME9.7 (FLASH-M58B)
ME9.7 (EEPROM- 95080)

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