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DAS Smart Calculator

DAS Smart Calculator

This tool is intended to calculate access codes using VIN or other data.
These codes give you full access to the hidden or developer options.

Brief description:
Software has a modular structure; it means calculator’s functionality depends
 of how many software modules are installed inside. There are: 1. «Calculation modules
(CM) » for example to calculate access codes using VIN, or 2. «Emulation modules (EM)»
to emulate digital card for Mercedes truck speed­limiter removal. Calculator contains
remote update option. AvtoTools is always working to add and improve new software modules!
Current capabilities (software modules):
CM codes for Mercedes DAS : (A/B/C/E/S/M/R – class), options:
1. MB Airbag configuration(currently not for sale)
2. MB Aircon configuration(currently not for sale)
3. MB Instrument Cluster configuration(currently not for sale)
4. SCN-Coding (currently not for sale)
CM codes for Mercedes DAS: SMART, options:
1. Key learning
2. SOFTOUCH activation
3. Steering wheel gearshift activation
4. Cruise control (TEMPOMAT) activation
5. BRABUS – tuning
6. Add or remove components(Equipment Code)
1. Choose your module in left window
2. Fill field in right window
3. Then press Calculate.
SW Module – DAS : Airbag Settings
Using this CM, you can gain access to the equipment configuration option
in Airbag module via Mercedes DAS, you can choose which “airbags/ pads/pretensioners”
 are installed, or ON/OFF any option you need. You can remove B1000 error just making
an “unlock” and then “interlock” Airbag module.

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