Dash Book 7.9 + SRS Book 1.4

Dash Book 7.9 + SRS Book 1.4

 Dash Book 7.9 + SRS Book 1.4 + activation

Language: Russian, English
The program DASH-Book is a reference tool necessary for quick removal and disassembly of the instrument cluster, in the program, step by step with illustrations, the process of removing the instrument cluster from the car, analyzing the instrument cluster, the location of the memory, the type of memory,
connecting the voltage of the instrument cluster to check the odometer reading, the point of in-circuit programming, memory dumps with different mileage.
The program is indispensable for beginners, as well as experienced masters, since on many cars the process of removal and disassembly is a difficult task,
and the search for information on the Internet takes a long time and is not always effective.
This program is attached to a specific user's computer (the virtual machine will not work!).
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