DTS Monaco 9.02
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DTS Monaco 9.02


DTS Monaco 9.02
Softing DTS.monaco is an extensive offboard diagnostic tool for the engineering sector which covers the entire range of application cases from ECU testing through to vehicle release. It is easily integrated into the test sequences and corporate processes, not least because of its flexible interfaces which can be configured to suit the relevant test step.

Testing communication
Analyzing data on the bus
Testing ODX data against ECU
Reading/clearing error memory
Identifying variants
Programming flash memory
Displaying measurement values
Testing actuators
Parameterizing ECUs
Variant coding
Running ECU routines
Testing OBD functions
Creating/executing test sequences

Areas of Application
Engineering of diagnostics and control functions for vehicle ECUs
Function test and validation
Integration and system test
Preparation of test sequences for manufacturing and after sales service
Analysis of returns and quality assurance
Commissioning of test benches and HiL systems
Preparation and update of vehicles for endurance testing
Execution of diagnostic tests for safeguarding functionalsafety in compliance with ISO 26262
Cost reduction and shorter familiarization time as Softing DTS.monaco covers the functionality of several tools that were separate to date
Fast results due to intuitive operation and preconfigured templates
Top quality thanks to early detection and remedy of communication problems and function errors
Highly effective as it can be flexibly adapted to suit a range of tasks
Complete documentation of communication data and test results

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