Renault , Volvo truck files

Renault , Volvo truck files

All official firmware for chip tuning is made using professional licensed software in accordance with the Stage1 standard (for an engine with stock hardware).If the elements of ecology are disabled in the firmware, this is done correctly. For diesel engines with direct fuel injection, the average increase in power is 15-25 percent (it depends on the car, engine type, injection system and ECU), for turbocharged gasoline engines - 20-25 percent

|---Renault Premium 450DXI 2006 EMS2 adblue off
| |---readme.txt
| |---Renault Premium 450DXI_ 2006_EMS2_orig_cal.BIN
| `---WinOLS (Renault Premium - SCR off).bin
`---Vovlo Penta D6 370 Marine Engine Diesel EDC7 0281020010 RPM limiter
|---0281020010 VOLVO PENTA D6 370 MARINE.MOD_no CS.bin
|---0281020010 Volvo PENTA D6 370 Marine.orig.bin

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